Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wilson's Botanical Gardens

We drove from the Osa Peninsula right down to the Panamanian border and to Wilson's Botanical Gardens, another research station in Costa Rica.  The accommodation is small but comfortable, the rooms much better appointed than at La Selva (see previous visit 2013) but it was also much quieter for birding, especially as arrived in the afternoon.

The view from the walk we took was spectacular:

We saw a few butterflies as we familiarised ourselves with the gardens:

With the walk done we got a banana from the canteen (very helpful and good food!), put it on the feeder in the patio area and settled down to see what happened.

Green Honeycreepers were in the tree in the centre of the patio area:

Stunning birds.

Almost immediately birds started to appear on the feeder.  Here's a Cherrie's Tanager:

and here a female Cherrie's:

A Golden-hooded Tanager:

And a favourite of mine, the Speckled Tanager:

Back in the tree a female (male in the background) Spot-crowned Euphonia:

We had a quiet evening at Wilson's catching up on emails (while it has wifi you need to sit close to the restaurant for it to be effective), and had an early night.


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