Saturday, April 25, 2015

birding walks around Bosque del Rio Tigre

We had a number of walks around the grounds at Bosque Del Rio Tigre.   They have some remarkable birds including the locally endemic Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager:

These birds even frequent the banana feeders:

A lovely Cherrie's Tanager:

The outstanding Red-legged Honeycreeper:

A Riverside Wren with prey:

At one point we ended up by the local river and watched a Blue-Grey Tanager bathing:

An Amazon Kingfisher was sat patiently looking for small fish:

At a pond we saw Boat-billed Herons:

And in one clearing a beautiful Golden-naped Woodpecker:

In the forest we managed a brief view of Orange-collared Manakin:

Paltry Tyrannulet:

And another local specialist, the Baird's Trogon:

The following morning on our last full day we had a road trip to the Rio Tigre planned to try and locate Cotingas...


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