Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Paraiso Quetzal Lodge - photography morning

For a relatively modest fee you can hire out a set aside area with fruit and hummingbird feeders, which I did for the morning.  Even though it rained on-and-off there's a big covered area so basically given the conditions it was ideal.

I stood there getting cold for a couple of hours and really enjoyed working with and learning more about photography whilst also seeing some fantastic birds including the Fiery-throated Hummingbird:

The Clay-coloured Thrush:

Volcano Hummingbird:

The flash really helped bring out the gold in the bird's plumage:

Green Violet-ear:

And at first a very shy female Flame-coloured Tanager:

followed by a much bolder and frankly stunning male:

A Hairy Woodpecker alighted briefly above:

Back close to the feeders, a Magnificent Hummingbird:

The clouds parted briefly:

Then quick as a flash the rain was back in creating this rainbow in the montane valley:

A relatively common ground species, the Rufous-collared Sparrow:

I suspect the rain or rather the lack of sunshine may have helped me get deeper plumage colours than might otherwise have been possible.  Certainly a very interesting time with camera and birds.

In the afternoon back-up by the main lodge building we added Yellow-thighed Finch:

Together with Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager:

As the day drew out the sun was setting creating a mix of cloud, sunshine, sun and steam:


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