Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Hotel Bougainvillea

Hotel Bougainvillea proved as comfortable as we'd hoped.   The service is good, the food is good, the wine is good, the rooms are spacious and comfortable, and the grounds are a delight.  It's a great place to wake-up.

We headed out into the gardens after first light to try and locate the Ground Sparrow species.  In vain. Speaking with local guides thereafter it turns out that as the grounds have become more manicured and absent coffee plants these species have moved on.

You are however guaranteed to see the national bird of Costa Rica, the Clay-coloured Thrush (formally called a Robin however there are no Robins in the New World):

It's not all birds, they have assault squirrels too:

And an array of beautiful flowers and trees:

Great Kiskadees are common:

There are a number of art features in the garden:

Which is also frequent by butterflies:

A few more birds then before breakfast and heading out into the country, a Palm Tanager here:

and a Rufous-naped Wren:

We really would recommend the Hotel Boungainvillea.  My only recommendation to them would be to open for breakfast just 30 minutes earlier to accommodate the many guests moving on early.


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