Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exploring Cornwall in Autumn

We've been working hard on the garden, mostly still removing things but also planting now.  A new nature garden is taking shape down in West Cornwall.   We try to pick the sunny days to get out and explore and have enjoyed some real crackers this November.  

One Sunday afternoon we took Harvey (chocolate lab) to the beach at Gwithian Towers:

A stiff breeze was pushing the sea along:

But the dog was delighted as usual:

I find spending more time on beaches than I ever have before a real pleasure and have been photographing the sand and sea and their interactions a lot:

On the way back I spotted a tumbledown farm cottage and returned a few days later to take a couple of snaps: 

A more recent trip, November 29th to be precise, we enjoyed temperatures of between 14c and 16c first in Hayle, where they are working hard on a structure behind the Estuary Bridge:

It was full tide and warm and a light mist hung over the water:

We saw lots of species of bird on a short walk around the Estuary with some guests before having lunch and then heading on to the beach at Crantock:

It's surreal being in England on the beach in a t-shirt in late November, catching the sun and lots of other people had the same idea.  One lady was walking some dogs, this a Dalmation which I photographed as it played in a pool, really illustrates the warmth of the day and indeed the light:

You really couldn't help but smile :)

As we approached the sea this rock causeway (I assumed it used to be something like that) bent out to the water:

And offshore the waves were rolling in:

 A lovely morning and afternoon in a beautiful spot.  I wonder what December will bring?


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