Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Paraiso Quetzal Lodge

The drive to Paraiso Quetzal Lodge was an eventful one as it turns out the main mountain road (Route 2) had suffered a landslide due to the unseasonal and concentrated rains which meant a somewhat perilous 15-minute detour on some hastily 'improved' tracks.  We made it safe and sound though to the lodge for a very comfortable dinner.

The lodge is 2.75 km high so the air is cold, very cold comparatively, and the gloom and rain didn't help, though the log fire was very welcome in the main lodge.

Just outside there's a partly covered area from which you can see both wild birds, such as this Black-and-Yellow Silky-Flycatcher:

and enjoy the buzz around the Hummingbird feeders.  The species here are spectacular and well worth taking a bit of time to capture.  This first is the Fiery-throated Hummingbird:

Green Violet-ear:

Magnificent Hummingbird:

The food again was great, as was the bar, and the room comfortable with electric heating provided to offset the drafts.  I found using a spare blanket to cover the door really helped too.  We enjoyed the view and an early night.  Fingers crossed the rain would finally clear as we'd booked some time in their set-aside photography area the following morning.


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