Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paraiso Quetzal Lodge last morning

Our last morning at Paraiso and yes, the sun was shining!  It was warm!  It wasn't raining any more, seven days under the clouds had been driving us stir crazy, finally we could get out and explore, which we duly did.

Given we had to move on before check-out time we took an early morning stroll on the trail through the gardens to the plane wreck.

On the way we saw Sooty Thrush:

The locally endemic Collared Redstart:

Another specialist species was the Flame-throated Warbler.   I really tried to get a better image than this but the clock was ticking and it was high and relatively elusive, but a splendid bird to see:

Golden-browed Chlorophonia, a small and relatively distant bird but what colours!:

Said plane wreckage, I think the crash was roughly 30 years ago and involved a single pilot getting disorientated and then hitting the side of the mountain:

And another Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager:

From Paraiso it was time to head South and back down towards sea level, our next stop being at 800m.


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