Saturday, April 25, 2015

Forest walk at Punto Marenco

On our second day we decided to try and walk into the jungle a bit, but only taking short tracks off the path we'd walked the previous day.

You can see how the sun rises behind the lodge, gradually lighting the ocean, a view we enjoyed over breakfast:

I used flash for some of the images just to actually get a picture, as the light is so dim in the jungle not using flash often means no picture.  This is a male Black-hooded Antshrike:

Then a female;

Another forest specialty a Chestnut-backed Antbird:

And a Cocoa Woodcreeper:

Without reliable maps and no guides our access was very limited and we ended up back around the beaches, here you can see the next generation of the coconut tree:

On the track back to the lodge a Yellow-throated Vireo:

Helen had another paddle:

And this time we saw a Mangrove (Common) Black Hawk, watching the waves:

We spent a quiet afternoon in the grounds and then had quite an uncomfortable first part of the evening whereby the staff advised us they had still not located the agent and/or our cash and they wouldn't let us leave until we'd paid our bill.  We of course didn't have enough cash and nor indeed any way of sourcing any.  We then met a hugely generous family from Chile who offered to lend us the cash, to complete strangers!   We thanked them for their kind offer and agreed not to tell the staff on the basis we wanted them working hard to locate the damned agent.  Over an hour later hey presto they found the payment and transferred the cash to the lodge.  So we could relax and we didn't need to take up the family on their very generous offer.

Punta Marenco was a series of contrasts, beauty and the beast if you like.  We're pretty sure we picked up a stomach parasite from the water too!   Suffice to say we were looking forward to an early morning boat ride back to Sierpe and on.


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