Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dominical area

The next stop we'd scheduled in was a rest-break, we've learned from previous trips that a flat-out itinerary leads to exhaustion so on this trip we'd built in a stop near the coastal town of Uvita in a luxury cabin.  It had air conditioning, which was very helpful being down on the coast and breeze free.  It also had a kitchenette of sorts.  It's another spot where you really need a 4x4.  Our 4x2 just made it up but only just!

An orange butterfly graced the lodge:

During a quiet afternoon a distant Black-mandibled Toucan was visible:

And a species of banana-leaf hanging bat was roosting close to our room:

The following morning we headed north of Dominical to Hacienda Baru and paid to walk their grounds.  It was a good walk but the first time we felt uncomfortable too, it's true in Costa Rica, wherever tourists hang-out in large numbers so too do the people who prey on them.  At least there is more visible policing now.

On our walk we saw another Brown Jay, this one a bit closer:

A pair of House Wrens, proximate to their nest I suspect:

A sister-in-law advises me this is a migratory moth rather than a butterfly:

Whereas this is some form of Tiger-Butterfly:

A Roadside Hawk did its usual noisy display which drew us to it on the walk:

It was amazingly hot by the time we'd finished the walk and my kit was getting attention so we decided to pack-up and head back to the comfort of our air-conditioned room, the next six days would have no electricity at all and all at sea-level in the now dry-again season!


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