Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bosque Del Rio Tigre

From Sierpe, reunited with our 4x2 we then headed to the highlight booking of the holiday at Bosque Del Rio Tigre, described as specialist, luxurious birding accommodation.

There's a river to cross and given our previous experiences we refused to take our vehicle over, however they kindly drove their 4x4 across to collect our luggage.   Fortunately they had received our booking and allocated us an isolated 'room' away from the main lodge.  I say room as it's basically a big bed in some low walls protected by curtains.  The loo is protected by a lone curtain too...

The food is great however, properly vegetarian where needed and with real imagination.  Proper booze too.  It really was a relief and the birding is spectacular.

We saw this Smooth-billed Ani on the way in:

And this Common Tody-Flycatcher:

They have a number of feeders in the grounds to attract the local birds, one area they throw rice which brings in Blue Ground-Doves:

And Grey-chested Doves:

The Grey-capped Flycatcher appears common across the Osa region:

And Lineated Woodpeckers made an appearance, a stunning species:

A closer Smooth-billed Ani, with very subtle but striking plumage:

And the remarkably small Stripe-throated or Little Hermit:

We went out on a walk in the afternoon with one of the guides, who were genuine local experts, and walked up a river, to locate this remarkable bird, the White-tipped Sicklebill:

Then it was back for a wash and brush-up before a relaxed dinner, chatting with the other birders and getting steadily squiffy :)


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