Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Forest walks around the lodge

We did a number of further walks around the grounds and through their bit of forest, which proved very productive.   First at the very crack of dawn a Black-faced Antthrush, one of a pair, browses for food close to the owner's accommodation:

Deep in the woods and very hard too see, a Scaly-throated Leaftosser:

This was a particular result as the chap we were walking with was on his last morning and really wanted to see this bird.  We heard it calling and finally located it ahead of us close to the path.

The next bird followed us for around an hour, which was most unusual behaviour.  Helen thinks it was because she was in the same colours as the bird.  I suspect it was because we were disturbing small moths that it then ate.  The Bi-coloured Antbird even landed on my monopod briefly, a very close encounter:

It seemed to us that the Black-hooded Antshrikes were in almost every bit of forest we walked in:

One cracking bird to see was a still roosting King Vulture:

Very hard to capture this image in low light with a heavy camera pointing straight up.

Another lovely bird is the Scarlet-rumped Cacique (told here by the blue eye), singing at a post-dawn perch:

As the day wore on a Cinnamon Becard was nest-building:

A Rufous-tailed Jacamar sat watching and waiting, they are a fantastic colour and indeed shape of bird and a delight to see anytime:

A Crimson-fronted Parrot watched us watching it:

We walked to a known spot and the spent a good half an hour trying to get an image of a Black-tailed Flycatcher, this is the best i managed in that time, they are very mobile and skulking, a tricky combination:

Out on the river a small group of White Ibis were feeding:

We thoroughly enjoyed all our walks in and around the grounds of Bosque Del Rio Tigre, as indeed we enjoyed our whole stay.  Next up the external birding trip we'd booked as part of our package...


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