Friday, November 23, 2012

Poppa Falls, Kvango

The next morning our schedule said we should go to Poppa Falls, so to Poppa Falls we drove.  We entered the camp and then went for a walk.  A tip-agitated guard tried to usher us to the falls (they aren't falls so much as semi-rapids) but he soon got bored of our forward-backward-forward birding movements.  We did enjoy the location and saw some very good birds, including Arrow-marked Babbler:

Coppery-tailed Coucal:

Grey-backed Eremomela, this one in full song:

Jameson's Firefinch:

Lilac-breasted Roller:

Meve's Starling:

Pied Kingfisher:

Reed Cormorant:

Thrush Nightingale:

Yellow-bellied Greenbul:

A bird we didn't see though was the Rock Pratincole, though they are supposed to be abundant hereabouts.

We headed on from Poppa Falls to Mahango National Park, which borders the top end of Botswana.  We did get to see some great birds, including distant Wattled Cranes but nothing close enough to photograph.  It was also getting very hot so we headed back to camp for some shade.

Our guide had been going on about the birds by the bar, so we dutifully headed-up mid-afternoon.  But we'd seen them all already and in fact were seeing more around our hut so after 90 minutes we headed back to watch the sunset over the river before dinner.



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