Friday, November 16, 2012

Camp in Etosha Park

We did indeed have a mooch around the camp, spotting Gabar Goshawk - so much smaller than a Pale Chanting...

Purple Roller - at first glance the drabbest of the Rollers, but on a close look, they have amazing plumage:

Red-billed Quelea:

And Southern White-Crowned Shrike:

The camp has its own watering hole.  We stayed a while in the mid-day heat to watch an elephant drinking (positioned where the freshwater is pumped in to get the best stuff!):

Joined by Kudu:

On the way back we spotted some Violet Wood-Hoopoes in the trees:

What an amazing bill!  

That evening we went back to watering hole.  It remained quiet until after sunset when over a hundred Double-banded and Namaqua Sandgrouse landed to drink before heading back to their roosts.  There may have been a third species but it was getting progressively harder to tell plumage variations.  Under the spotlights we saw our first Nightjars and a lone Fork-tailed Drongo that was feeding by spotlight and was proclaiming its ingenuity to the world!  Out of beer and hungry, we headed back into camp for dinner.


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