Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Road to Walvis Bay

Monday morning dawned crisply (for the middle of Namibia), you can see the pastel hues caused by the first rays of sun on the clouds, on what is a big big view:

Having grabbed breakfast we set off on the drive to Walvis Bay, keeping our eyes peeled for movement.  The drive did prove productive, amongst other things we saw a pair of Black-backed Jackals:

A Greater Kestrel:

Some of the southern race of Zebra:


Lanner Falcon:

With the number of birds of prey on posts you wonder if electricity and telephony have actually benefited the birds?

A find I was very pleased with were a small group of meerkats.  By the time we'd circled back and got the camera out, they'd retreated some distance, but still, meerkats in the wild!

According to Gys he'd never seen them this far south before!

Oryx, a majestic antelope, and what the farmers had provided as the meat option to our guide the previous night (we're sticking with not eating animals or birds for that matter!):

Ruppell's Korhaan:


And of course the amazing landscape:

We don't normally do tourist photos, but here's the one we allowed on this trip:

This image shows the line of trees following an underground river in another vast, dry landscape:

Black-winged Kite - this juvenile had us fooled for a while until Helen noted its characteristic tail movement:

A mystery bird.  We think it may be a very pale Mountain Wheatear, they do prove very variable and the structure seems right, but i can't be sure:

This is a lark of some sort, possibly a Sabota Lark:

On arrival in Walvis Bay we checked in to our accommodation for the next two nights, the very pleasant Spindrift Guesthouse.  After the travails of the previous night just a cup of tea, a shower and somewhere to sit and relax was a real relief.


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