Tuesday, September 04, 2012

All quiet over here

Apologies it's been so quiet.  What with Helen tearing her calf muscle, me being generally under the weather and a very wet summer we've really not done very much at all.  We're back on track now though, having walked respectively 2.5miles and then 3.5 miles last weekend.  We've also been recording things closer to home, like our now single Badger visitor:

It's been a mixed year for produce, the chillies have been fabulous, the chocolate habanero has 11 fruits on it right now, the best previous being three:

We also have a new 'hottest' chili, we think it may be a Datil.  It is without doubt the hottest thing I have ever tasted.  This beastie alone would probably make enough curry for me to last six months, all at the very upper end of what I can eat:

It's gone completely orange since I took this picture.  What to do with it though!?!

The buddleia has gone from strength to strength and is now attracting five to six species of butterfly on a sunny day:

And we grew cucumbers indoors.  They are spiky and slightly smaller than the commercial varieties but much much tastier.  It's a clever plant too, only keeping 2 - 3 fruits alive at any one time so rather than an overwhelming one-time crop of cucumber we've had a steady supply for six weeks now with more on the way.

Anyway as hopefully this post indicates we're back up and running now with plans to get out more, walk more, see more, record more and blog more.  Oh and we've a holiday booked before the end of the year too :)


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