Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Birding in Arizona - Day 6, West Falls Trail

Thursday morning was big hangover morning.  I'd managed some sleep so was able to get myself together, Helen however hadn't so it made sense for me to head out alone again, which I duly did.

I decided to back track and try and pick-up some of the target birds from Wednesday so headed to our primary Wednesday spot, the West Falls trail in Oak Creek Canyon.

It was weird being out alone, knowing Helen was back at the hotel and in pain but I knew she wanted me to carry on so I did.  I was delighted with this Indigo Bunting, nearly the same colour as the sky!

Singing too:

Overhead a Zone-tailed Hawk soared:

Some of the scenery was beautiful:

As indeed were the birds, this is another Southern specialist, the Painted Redstart:

More stunning scenery:

Acorn Woodpeckers are always good to see:

And this was my second ever Bullock's Oriole:

I enjoyed the trail and met and talked with lots of other visitors.  It was still only mid-morning and I reckoned I could get to the Arboretum by 11 and it was a Thursday so it would probably be open...


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