Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birding in Arizona - first day, second spot

From San Pedro River Valley we headed a relatively short distance to the Brown Canyon Ranch, where a couple of shallow pools ensure a good variety of birds.  

We saw Western Tanager:

A new life species, Phainopepla, a bird I really didn't think we'd see on this trip:

Lazuli Bunting:

Canyon Towhee:

And Black-throated Sparrow:

The ranch is close to a US Army Fort, which as non US-citizens we're barred from entering.  That's a shame as it's one of only two relatively reliable locations for Elegant Trogon.  We did hear that there may be some relaxation of this rule, though apparently it requires spending $300 on a local guide for the day.... anyway time to move on again.  The day was getting to be amazingly hot, the sun down in Southern Arizona is surprisingly strong!  


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