Monday, November 12, 2012


One of the things we'd noticed was that with our guide not being a bird guide per-se, we were following a schedule, but it was clearly someone else's schedule.  We weren't really doing a birding tour more a tour to various spots and then looking for birds, which is different.

It was also clear that some of this had been put together at the last minute.  Our accommodation at Spreetshoogte for example was supposed to be a guest farm, it turned out to be a hut on a hillside, with (granted) dramatic views.  But it was very primitive, dusty and rough, not at all what we'd expected.  We had to make do and did, though the late delivery of dinner made it even more uncomfortable.

We whiled away the time looking at the birds, here a Barn Swallow in winter plumage:

A Greater-Striped Swallow:

Mountain Wheatear:

The blue sky was crystal clear, with the odd very high level cloud:

And sunset was spectacular:

We slept a little during the night and woke-up with the light to head down to the farm to collect some breakfast before heading on to Walvis Bay our next stop.  The volume of food and indeed its quality cannot be criticised, the accommodation however was a shocker.  Not a place we'll be going back to especially as there didn't really seem to be a point to being there anyway...


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