Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Seagull Trust and the Union Canal

Through one of the Officers of the Camera Club which i've joined i was fortunate to be invited to join a canal trip being organised by the Seagull Trust, both as something to experience and as a try-out for the season next year.  i expect i'll be doing some volunteering for them as we really enjoyed ourselves, starting at the boathouse first thing with the typical golden light of a Scottish morning lighting the foliage and waterway of the Union Canal:

Two boats made the trip, first we headed to the Falkirk Wheel:

Navigating two locks.   Helen is looking down upon the lower of the two:

The first boat had preceded us through the locks however it then had to wait as we motored down and past it:

Heading through a short tunnel and approaching the wheel that connects the Union to the Forth and Clyde canals:

It's a remarkable design and mechanism and fits the landscape in which it sits:

The clouds gathered reducing the photographic quality of the trip, but not our enjoyment of it as we collected our guests then headed back up the Wheel and along to bridge 57 before turning round and heading back to the boathouse.   A slow-motion journey but one we really enjoyed.  We counted 19 species of bird on this single trip too, though no Kingfishers.


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