Monday, October 08, 2018

Autumn continued

September started warm and dry and we were looking forward to a trip centred around two weekends in the Midlands, the first with friends, the second with family, with a few bits and bobs in between.

The first weekend got off to a flyer  with dinners, walks including this one from the National Trust Ashridge Estate to Ivanhoe Beacon and back:

Having had a cracking weekend we were in Cirencester, having explored old Corinium when we received two phone calls, the first advising us that Helen's Dad had taken a turn for the worse and the second shortly after, that he had passed away.

We were in shock but knew we had to do something.   We were in Cirencester, our home and stuff was in Scotland and her Father had lived in Falmouth.   We decided to head home the next day, unpack, re-pack and then after a 2 day break to get over the trip, drive down to Cornwall.

I won't comment further on the private family matters other than to say we had some time on our hands in Cornwall so enjoyed a few walks including one around the Helford:

A visit to Bosvigo Garden near Truro: 

And then the funeral itself in Camborne, finishing up with a brief private family event to cast the funeral flower arrangement, fittingly an anchor, to sea, in a storm swell off of Porthtowan:

From there Helen and i headed to Portreath where she said her own farewell.   We were after high tide but the waves were still crashing against the harbour:

From Cornwall we headed home, having completed just under 2,500 miles driving in two weeks to rest and recharge.

As well as catching up with various things like dentists, hairdressers, etc., we picked a fine day for a walk on the Pentland Hills Rollercoaster, a sequence of three or five peaks depending on your preference.   

As it was our first visit we did three peaks, we'll add the two smaller ones next time.   Here's Helen reaching the top of the middle hill:

The views back to the first peak were fantastic as indeed was the general panorama taking in the flowing hills, the Forth valley including her three bridges, Edinburgh, etc.

Scotland really does have a lot to offer in terms of outdoors and landscapes.  We completed the loop walking back along the loch:

Autumn is very definitely here and albeit not yet at its peak the foliage is on the turn and the fading strength of the light makes for some outstanding sights:

This is Loch Ard, we walked just short of eight miles in the woodland on one side, it proved to be a beautiful day, you really can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place:

I'm writing this in the middle of a wet and windy spell, however the sun is forecast to breakthrough again in a couple of days time, fingers crossed.  Then it'll be time to get out and about again.  So much to see and do!  


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