Monday, October 08, 2018

Nuts for Nature in Perthshire

I was fortunate to have the opportunity and time to pay a second visit, this time with a new friend from the Camera Club, to try and see my first wild Pine Marten.

Almost immediately we'd settled in Red Squirrels were checking out the new visitors:

Before settling down to their Autumn feasting:

Making time for the odd drink too:

The hide has a number of different avian regulars, including this Treecreeper:


Great Spotted Woodpeckers:

Eurasian Jays:

There was a significant pause between the onset of dusk and the near night conditions before the Pine Marten arrived, but it was worth the wait:

What a magnificent animal.   Apparently there's talk of reintroducing them into England as they naturally control Grey Squirrels.  We'll see.   Until then you have to travel to Scotland and then pick your spot to see one.


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