Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Enjoying the Scottish Autumn

Autumn continued apace and with it our exploration of our new home.   After walking the two dogs we walk for clients of the Cinnamon Trust, we visited Devilla Forest, part of the excellent Scottish Forestry Commission's network of sites and walks.

Overnight there had been rain.  I get the impression only certain types of leaves hold water like this oak leaf does:

Autumn was doing its thing:

Fungi springing-up:

And a still sunny day rewarded us with outstanding reflections in the Lochlan:

We did manage to get thoroughly lost, for the second time in just a few weeks so time to dust off the walking GPS then.

We also visited Edinburgh Botanic Gardens with a friend from said city.   We've visited a few times now but this was our first such visit in Autumn:

A herring Gull had chosen one of the cafes to raise its young, here the adult is checking out the diners to see who might be persuaded to part with some cake:

Even by late afternoon the Asters still held the rain of the previous night:

Another dog walk, another taking ourselves for a walk thereafter, this time to Comrie.  The Kirk alongside the river Earn was resplendent in the sunshine:

We walked to the very top of the nearby hill, accessed via the Deil's Cauldron to see Melville's Monument:

The views across the landscape were worth it:

We got lost again on the way back down, albeit only a little this time, just a missed turning for a different route down the river, not a bother though:

The route from Comrie to home took us via some outstanding countryside:

Scotland really is a remarkable country to visit, explore and live in, at any time of year.


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