Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring 2011 - Blossom sequence

Spring is definitely Springing a little sooner this year, after another harsh and cold winter. I just hope all the beasties and animals that time their breeding to coincide with these natural cycles cope. Out in the garden, there's an obvious natural sequence of trees in blossom, the first each year is the Blackthorn or Sloe: Followed by the Plum: And Peach (this one is splayed against the house to keep it alive in winter): Next comes Pear, ready to unfurl: The Invincible Pear in full blossom:

Here in close-up:

Next to bloom will be the Hawthorn. We've only had a very limited blossom on the Hawthorns thus far, this looks set to be a very good year (which bodes well for winter food for the birds!):

I just hope I'm home to both see and photograph it!



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