Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uganda - afternoon, Tuesday March 15th - Masindi Hotel

Back at the hotel we had time to start to process some of the pictures from the holiday, enjoy Ugandan Tea and Coffee (both of which are exceptionally good tasting) and spent a short time exploring the birds in the grounds of the hotel. As it's been there for so long the birds now feel safe in the grounds even with all the comings and goings. This is illustrated by the fact that one old dead tree is now a raptor roost, here you can see Yellow-billed Kite: Hooded Vultures: Also around, Ruppell's Long-tailed Starlings: The Starlings roost in the bamboo. There's a night light by the bamboo. Whenever someone triggered the light at night the Starlings all started calling and singing. Hilarious! A new species, Purple-banded Sunbird:

And a familiar one African Thrush:

For dinner we asked for the curry to be very spicy. We were later told the sneezing we could hear was the chef cooking the chillies! The Masindi does excellent Indian food,really top draw, due no doubt in part to the Asian owners, again we really do recommend staying here.

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