Monday, March 21, 2011

Uganda - afternoon, Wednesday March 9th - the drive to Queen Elizabeth NP

Leaving Bwindi, we headed next to Queen Elizabeth National Park. So named because she visited in 1954 apparently. While being a reasonably long drive a good amount of time was set aside for the trip on the basis there was good chance we'd see stuff along the way. They weren't wrong!!

In reverse alphabetical order, the encounters of the trip included Yellow-crowned Canary:

Woolly-necked Stork:

Red-tailed monkeys:

Ugandan Cob:

A sub-adult Palm-nut Vulture:

then an adult:

The trip being during the afternoon it was going to be quiet for most birds however, this is Eagle time and we saw plenty, including Martial Eagle:

Long Crested Eagle:

A few of them in fact:

Quite close:

Perhaps a little too close:

Fabulous bird though:

An African Crowned Eagle on the nest:

Along the road the scarce Crested Guineafowl:

A Common Fiscal perched on a wire:

Another road bird, a Blue-spotted Wood Dove:

A Black-headed (Village) Weaver:

Black-bellied Bustard:

Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys:

A Bateleur Eagle soared relatively close to the bus:

Awesome bird and one I really wanted to see on this trip:

Brown Babbler:

African Thrush:

These last two birds were in the grounds of the hotel we stopped at for lunch, rather cheekily eating a packed lunch but paying for tea and coffee.

The last bird of the trip, an African Moustached Warbler:

We arrived early evening at the Simba lodge and were delighted to find chargers compatible with our technology (result!) and a wide variety of beers on offer too. Having sampled the majority of beers we had, by the end of the evening, settled on Nile Special as our favourite, with a price varying between 60p and 85p a bottle (except for one lodge, more on that later). I wish we could get it here, it's a very tasty lager!

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