Monday, March 21, 2011

Uganda - afternoon, Tuesday March 8th - Bwindi, birding around our camp

We waited out the hottest and quietest part of the day in our tent at the Buhoma Community, before having a wander around our campsite, though in truth the majority of this was time spent spotting birds as they moved through the forest with us sat on the balcony watching (the tent being on a fixed platform with a toilet and shower attachment to the rear).

We weren't disappointed, adding a number of new species to the growing holiday list, including Yellow White-eye:

Tambourine Dove:

Grey-backed Camaroptera (also known as the Bleating Bush-Warbler due to it's frequent lamb-like calls):

Brown-throated Wattle-eye, here the male:

Who was later joined by a female:

though she didn't seem to get the response she wanted from the male so soon headed off again. And finally, Brown-capped Weaver:

On the basis we had another post-dawn walk planned we decided to head-up for an early dinner and a few beers as the light faded.

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