Friday, March 25, 2011

Uganda - morning, Sunday March 13th - Semuliki Forest

After an afternoon's rest and a good night's sleep we were all much refreshed. The cloud had lifted too so a good morning beckoned. First we headed to a spot where Harriet had the year before, together with the head of Uganda Wildlife (or something like that!) added a new species to the Uganda list, the Orange-cheeked Waxbill, known to us from now on as Harriet's Waxbill. They duly performed, though at a distance:

It turned out to be quite a productive spot, adding Marsh Tchagra too:

The view of the hills with part of the village in the foreground:

Bronze Mannikins are also around the fringe of the particular village, in good numbers:

Having seen the Waxbills we headed for the same trail as yesterday, this time determined to do it more justice. The birding was again very good, rewarding us with better views of the Black Dwarf Hornbill:

At one point our path was crossed by Army Ants, the dangerous ones:

They flow like a river with soldiers on patrol and manning the sides of the flow. We stepped over but still managed to attract their attention. One had to be removed from my trainer with it's jaws locked in!

This next picture is poor quality but possibly unique. Our guide isn't aware of any photographic record of this species (African Piculet), nor have I been able to find any, hence I am publishing it here. It was dark in the undergrowth so Ihave had to add light which has 'flared' out the picture somewhat but as it is possibly a first, I've included it:

More African Green Pigeons:

And Piping Hornbills, back on and around the fruiting fig tree:

Another visitor to the tree, a Yellow-billed Barbet:

Further up the trail and beyond where we'd turned around yesterday, a Red-tailed Ant-Thrush was quite confiding (so called because they follow the army ants and pick off prey that is trying to escape their path):

In the trees, Red-tailed Monkey:

The walk was much better, Helen was feeling much better and the weather made the photography better where the light penetrated the forest. We need to move on however so headed back to the bus for the drive to Fort Portal, where we planned to visit the Botanical Gardens, once we'd checked in.

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