Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uganda - afternoon, Thursday March 17th - walk around Simbaya River Lodge

George could indeed join us so we headed out down toward the river. One bird that intrigued us was this one:

Harriet thought Long-legged Buzzard, George thought Eurasian Honey Buzzard... still no definitive decision. We did see a large number of Long-legged Buzzards while in this part of Uganda so it's possible it is one. This is a rare event in Uganda as they usually get one or two a year, we think early storms may have grounded a flock on migration.

One bird that called and called but proved hard to locate for a while was this Black Cuckoo:

We enjoyed a long pleasant late afternoon walk, hearing many birds, seeing some, and trekking a short distance in around three hours, before heading back to the lodge for dinner and more of that surprisingly expensive beer.

One aside - I hadn't figured out that Hamerkops were a water dependant/located species until this holiday:

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