Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uganda - afternoon, Wednesday March 16th - walking about camp, drive up to the Falls

My apologies for the ongoing format issues, I have tried, tried and tried again to sort it out (4 or 5 attempts on some of the posts) but short of deleting and re-doing from scratch, which I can't face right now, then I'm stuck with crammed words and images followed by long gaps... So, back to the story. The clouds had been gathering on the way in to Murchison, resulting in an explosive thunderstorm and very heavy rain -luckily, this was during the planned quiet afternoon bit. We sat and watched the rain, enjoying it. Once it had stopped we went back into our hut, picked up our gear and headed back out. As we did so Helen pointed out a green snake, we think an Eastern Green Mamba, slide back into its hiding place, in the folds of the chair I'd been sat in. According to the research I subsequently did, I was really lucky it didn't feel threatened... We had a wander around the grounds, seeing Velliott's Weaver: A lizard drying out: Black-headed (Village) Weavers, displaying on the nest: A group of Abdim's Stork: We were collected by Harriet and Confidence and drove up to the falls. The clouds were gathering again and it in fact started to rain so the camera stayed in but I did record the falls:
On the way we'd planned to visit a bat cave looking for Bat Hawk but it was raining on and off. We did get to see Swamp Nightjar but the bat cave idea was abandoned so we headed back to the hotel and its surprisingly expensive beer. We felt the Simbaya Lodge lacked competition to keep it on its feet so everything was a bit below par and sloppy, they got a B minus.

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