Sunday, August 26, 2007

A busy day at Pitsford

Our first walk around Pitsford for quite a while. It's wader migration time, so we're hoping to see some 'stray' birds, although the water level is at peak height so there's little or no mud around for them to feed on. In the end we saw just two waders on our way around, both from the causeway and both Common Sandpipers:

Walking along the causeway always disturbs the Lapwings settled there:

Into the nature reserve itself, this juvenile Willow Warbler was hopping around feeding:

We encountered a flock of Tits including Long-tailed, Blue, Great and a few Willow Tits too, including this ringed individual:

On the water there was no sign of the reported Red-crested Pochards but there were plenty male Pochard drakes, including this chap:

The markings are very distinctive as are the deep red eyes, he looks very dozy, enjoying the sunshine.

Further round we spotted a small group of Gadwalls, including these two:

In addition the Ruddy Ducks had managed to breed, which is no mean feat considering the extermination attempt underway (shame):

One thing the photographs don't show however was the large number of raptors we observed, including Peregrine, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard and Hobby all visible over the reserve.

A very pleasant four and a half hour, seven and a half mile walk, and quite a good birding trip considering the prevailing conditions!

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