Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Youngsters in the garden

This morning (around 7:30am) there were eight juvenile starlings being fed by their parents, on or around Shed 1.

We've been topping up the food once or twice a day as it's being eaten so fast. We've lost at least one youngster to a cat, on it's first day out of the nest, which wasn't pleasant. We've tried everything to keep the cats away, but there are so many of them around the neigbourhood. We counted 10 kills in the last year alone, which gets very depressing. Still with all the birds nesting around here we should end up ahead, which is the main thing! Why wont cat owners at least bell them damn things though so they can't sneak up on unsuspecting wildlife?

Anyway this is one of the youngsters, which has spotted a parent and is begging like mad:

Mum or Dad duly obliges before being sent away for more:

There's a Sedge Warbler in the hedge beyond the fence, who is calling regularly, and last night we had both low flying swifts and a bat performing sumersaults over the garden (no idea what species of bat though!).

NB. Got some blurry snaps of a Whitethroat in the hedge beyond the garden too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to have a cat problem in my garden but now I use CJ Birdfood's cat deterrant, and it really seems to work. It is rather expensive, though. You can find it here - good luck! (search for cat)

I suspect cats injured two of my local foxes, as well as taking their toll on birds.

10:19 pm  
Blogger Michael said...

that's great advice thank you, I will have a look. Right now i just use a high-powered water pistol whenever I see one... :)

10:31 am  

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