Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pitsford double-loop

Bank holiday weekend! We decided to head out early and trek around the nature reserve at Pitsford. We made it there by 9:15 am, parked up by the causeway, left a load of swan and duck food for the locals and then went into the reserve.

There were a few Common Terns about, including this one. I know it's not a great photo for either focus or light but look what the Tern is doing, how do they do that?

A little further around, in one of the arms of the reservoir, we spotted this Ruddy Duck, a survivor of two Defra shoots - which have the objective of exterminating them. This chap was 'head-banging', trying to impress the ladies!

We encountered a number of singing ChiffChaffs and Willow Warblers:

and the fattest looking squirrel we've seen in a long time :)

Further round the reserve we spotted a pair of Gadwalls including this drake:

The last bird of note we saw heading around the reserve was this juvenile Long-tailed Tit, by the look of him this was probably his first trip away from the nest, the noise from the flock of birds suggested they didn't think he should be sat motionless less than a metre from the path:

We got back to the car and decided to do the second half of the reservoir, another 7.5mile loop, to make 15, as we are in rehearsals for Yellowstone... but that's a story for later this year. There are many more humans both on the water and around it so many fewer birds to see. We did get to see our first Whitethroat of the year however, heading from the causeway car-park towards the (in my opinion exhorbitantly priced with woeful quality and service) cafe:

We were home by 4pm so less than seven hours to walk the fifteen miles, whilst birdwatching, stopping for an expensive and greasy lunch and driving to and fro, though the evening was spent mostly dozing...!


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