Monday, April 09, 2007

France Holiday - Day 2

On Sunday morning we had a mooch around Port Grimaud itself, a very boaty spot as you'd expect, with a small enclosed accommodation area. Apparently the port hosts around 1 million visitors a year, we were lucky we had picked the very start of the season, it must be heaving later on.

We stopped on the beach at Port Grimaud and could make out this small flock of Greater Flamingos fighting against the very strong easterly winds:

Late morning we met up with our hosts and headed over to Le Lac des Escarcets, which is recommended in a local guidebook for it's wildlife. We stopped off en route to pursue a raptor we'd spotted but it disappeared. In the distance we could make out Grimaud castle:

The lake itself was very picturesque but dark clouds were gathering, the front of a storm blowing in from the Med.

On the lake itself were a few Yellow-legged Gulls and a number of Swallows darting around feeding. This Yellow-legged Gull was just taking off:

There were very few birds visible or audible on the walk around the lake, a combination of the time of season and the mid to late afternoon time we spent there. Spring was very much in evidence however:

We did spot a few small birds on the walk, including this Serin, feeding on the buds:


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