Sunday, June 03, 2007

Breeding Bird Survey pt 2

Saturday morning, the first day without rain for weeks, saw us up bright and early (before 7!) to get the second breeding bird survey completed. There are notably more migrant birds recorded in this second walk, including House Martins and Swallows, and notably fewer native woodland birds such as Great and Blue Tits, etc.

Having wrapped the surveying up by ten, we headed down the road to Summer Leys to see what may be about. The water level was very high so not much about, however we did see this Oystercatcher with a couple of youngsters:

We decided to do a circuit of the reserve, spotting this calling Willow Warbler, en route:

I have never seen or heard as many Reed Buntings before as we did on Saturday, including this chap just outside one of the hides:

Around Mary's Lake, this female Reed Bunting paused with a beak rammed full of food, waiting for us to pass, I presume to get to the young in her nest:

Meanwhile, back in the garden we have rabbits! Very cute but also they have already got through five of the young hedge plants, including three Holly trees, so I've had to resort to blocking their accesses, though I'm not sure yet how successful I have been. There's nothing I can do to stop the youngsters getting in to the garden at all, as they use the gaps in both the rear and neighbours fence, so this one can't be got rid of yet, though he is very cute!


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