Thursday, December 28, 2006

Boxing Day 2006

A heavy grey sky to greet the day, but we were determined to see some Wintering Swans, Bewick in particular. I tried to get opening information from the WWT website for Welney but the latest info on there related to Autumn 2006! Knowing there's other reserves around we headed up to Welney anyway. As we got closer it became apparent that the whole area had suffered from significant flooding - apparently a regular occurrence now, and one that is driving wading birds away.

Welney was open but the access to all bar the main hide was flooded so it was that or nothing. The were plenty of Pochards and Mute Swans waiting to be fed as well as a few Whooper Swans, including this one:

Alas there was no chance of getting close to a Bewick's as they tend to roost at the far end of the reserve, away from the main hide. A quick decision and off to the National Trust reserve, Wicken Fen which is about 20 minutes drive time from Welney.

Wicken Fen was very quiet except for dog walkers, very little bird activity at all. The Cormorants perching in the trees in the middle of the Mere were an amusing sight though:

It was good to get out and about but frustrating that I still haven't had a good view of a Bewick's swan... maybe next year, fingers crossed!


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