Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Hedgerow Project - Part 2

Is this the first day of Autumn? It is certainly now cold enough! You'll see from the pictures below that I've been busy digging out the nettles, brambles and display hedging from either side of the Buddleia. Really hard work especially digging down to get all the nettle roots out but the soil is prepared for the hedging plants now. The digging and related garden preparation has taken all my spare time for the last month or so, so no birding, but it'll be worth it in the long run (I hope!).

The order for the plants is in, we used the hedge specialists Buckingham Nurseries (, who have been very helpful in the ordering process with good advice for digging and planting too. Having re-measured we're up to 161 hedge specific plants and a further 5 fruit tress for the 'orchard'. Just waiting for autumn proper and for the plants to go dormant so we can receive and then plant them.

It does all look a bit bare now and exposed so fingers crossed the plants arrive soon!

The right-hand section between the shed and the bird feeding area:


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