Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cornwall Holiday – Day Two

Day two was spent with family and included a trip to Porthtowan, with it’s wide-open sandy beach amongst the looming cliffs. It turns out we had picked a week with spring tides, this it what Porthtowan beach looks like at very low tide:

Out to sea we observed a Shag, a distinct cormorant like bird but it was too far out to get a useable snap. Having trekked for a couple of miles across the sand, we headed around the headland for an ice cream. This Rock Pipit was bobbing around the tourists looking for tidbits:

I pursued the Rock Pipit around the hut and found this juvenile:

Having spent ten minutes observing and photographing these birds we headed back around to the car, with this iconic view of Cornwall behind us:

Heading off the beach we found a clearly exhausted racing pigeon (it barely flinched as we approached, as it couldn’t muster the effort having barely made landfall), which we collected up and delivered to a relative who races them, the latest update was the pigeon was being fed prior to being released in Bristol to make its way home to Northern Ireland!


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