Thursday, July 20, 2006

A quiet month

July is the quietest month in the birding calendar. Some birds have already started their outward migration from the UK, others are beginning their autumn moult, youngsters are getting thier final 'life' lessons from parents.

Despite knowing this we went full of expectation to Pitsford having set aside the whole day to meander round the 7.5 mile walk. We were back in the car less than three and a half hours later having seen almost nothing. However the light was excellent so I did manage to get a couple of improved snaps including this Little Grebe:

The Lapwings on the causeway didn't appreciate us walking past:

I am very pleased with this snap of a Common Tern:

Finally we had an unusual visitor to our garden, a Rock Dove with a red ring on one leg. I didn't get to read the ring but I reckon this is a racing pigeon that's a long way from home. It stayed around and fed regularly for a week or two and then was gone.


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