Monday, July 03, 2006

East Anglia Holiday - Day 5 pt 1

Day 5 saw us heading in to Lowestoft to get a back-up battery charger from Jessops, an all-purpose one for £49.99 which hurt the wallet but was essential. I got them to charge one of the batteries while we headed out to the end of the South Pier. From here you can see a man made 'cliff-face' which is in fact a purpose built Kittiwake breeding wall, which was covered in Kittiwakes. Apparently this is the only place south of the Yorkshire coast where they breed (a fact I dispute later in the week). But it is clear a simple concrete construction can have a significant impact on a birds’ ability to breed. Unfortunately no camera, so no snaps :(

Having collected the charger and battery we headed to the north end of the town following directions from the ‘Where to watch birds – Britain’ book (by Simon Harrap and Nigel Redman, ISBN 0-7136-4137-1) which is our birding bible and is central to planning the vast majority of our trips. What we found is a seafront in decline with businesses closed and the general area run-down and no birds to speak of at all.

We decided to head down to Dunwich Heath and try and find a Dartford Warbler!

We’d decided to ‘do’ Dunwich Heath ( using a walk taken from the AA’s 1001 Walks in Britain. The walk starts by heading into Dingle Marshes ( an adjacent RSPB reserve:

It then cuts along the shore towards Dunwich Heath, with Sizewell clearly visible on the Horizon. There was single Ringed Plover hopping along the shingle:

Back on the track and heading inland there were tens of Skylarks all around including this one who seemed braver than most:

Finally after getting back on to the coastal path, past Dunwich itself we got to Dunwich Heath:


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