Monday, July 03, 2006

East Anglia Holiday - Day 2 pt 2

Feeling brave we then headed from the beach side of the reserve to Blakeney Point ( This was a long trek but started at low tide, so we could at least walk on the sand rather than the hard slog of the shingle. We walked all the way to where the point meets the main channel, avoiding the fenced off area around the tern breeding colony. Blakeney Point at low tide offers big skies and wide horizons, even with the low cloud:

The walk was very rewarding as was sitting and having lunch watching the Common, Arctic, Little and Sandwich Terns feeding, this shot is of an Arctic Tern - I snapped away trying to get good shots but my camera really isn't up to this type of distance/movement photography:

We had our lunch watching the terns and ourselves being watched by some of the younger Grey Seals from the colony at the point, this fellow stayed close the whole time and followed us down the beach as we departed:

We then explored the island and saw both Meadow Pipit and Linnets. By the time we made it back to the near edge of the Cley Marshes reserve we’d both picked up strains from the return journey so were very relieved but well pleased with our exertions and looking forward again to dinner at the Terroir. We stopped off for a cup of tea at the cafe on the shore where this Pied Wagtail was taking tidbits from the customers:

The Wagtail was being stalked by this Black-headed Gull (whoever named these birds had never seen Chocolate!):

Altogether we walked 14 miles.


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