Monday, July 03, 2006

East Anglia Holiday - Day 6 pt 3

From Minsmere we headed on to Sizewell and the local car park. The area around the Nuclear Power station is very quiet as people tend to avoid going there. Again we'd picked a walk from the AA's 10001 Walks in Britain. We particularly wanted to see Black Redstart as there is a colony close to Sizewell A, between it and the car park. The walk takes you inland from the car park and away from Sizewell. Then it turns on to Sandy Lane. As the path narrows we encountered Lesser Whitethroats in the hedge there but I was unable to get any of them in a picture. A little further along and I could hear a different Dove call, a gap in the hedge showed a Turtle Dove perched on a power line over a barley field.

We followed the walk on encountering warblers and garden birds and then turned back towards the power station along the coast. I like the way Sizewell B's dome is half concealed by the trees in this picture:

Just before we walked in front of Sizewell B we saw some birds in the bushes to our right, they were Redstart rather than Black Redstart and the light was against us but I managed this snap:

We resolved to come back to Sizewell first thing in the morning to try again to see a Black Redstart. All in all we managed 11 miles today.


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