Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cornwall Holiday - Day Six

Day six started with a dash to get to Eden and beat the crowds, we got there around 9:30 which i'm sure was the right thing to do. Walking around the perimeter planting areas there was still plenty of birds around and not too many humans. It is a most impressive facility:

In the tropical biome they have introduced some beasties including tree-frogs and these Sulawesi White-eyes:

The White-eyes, bred at Newquay Zoo, have obviously settled in as there were youngsters begging for food from the adults feeding on these paw-paws:

There were native birds in there too including a quite bedraggled looking Robin, which by now we had come to observe was the most ubiquitous bird in Cornwall, they are literally everywhere!

I had to include this snap of these Globe Artichokes, from the temperate Biome as their form and structure is so visually appealing:

Eden was great, if expensive, but we were delighted to head out around lunchtime as there were people and coaches pouring in. From Eden we went on to Lanhydrock House (National Trust - which was quite interesting. We trekked around the grounds and the gardens but it didn't really inspire, so back to the Fowey Hotel for dinner (which did inspire!).


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