Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cornwall Holiday - Day Seven

Day Seven promised excellent weather - all day - which would be a first on this holiday! We set off after a big brekkie to walk a 6 mile circuit around Fowey and Polruan including the cliffs along from Polruan. We got the foot ferry from Fowey across to Polruan and then climbed to the cliffs. Along the cliffs after about a mile of wobby legged drops and awesome views, we turned into a cove. The path we were on had a fresh water streamlet running across it and was very busy with birds around us, warblers, a Blackbird, Yellowhammer and Linnets (thanks Will):

There was a flock of them however so we had plenty of chances to study them! We stayed in and around this spot for twenty minutes observing them drinking in pairs and groups:

This spot was magic, truly magic, you just didn't know what was going to turn up next. I think after a while though the birds wanted us to get away so they could drink in peace so we carried on along the path. As we approached the turn in-land, which I was really looking forward to after two miles of cliff path, we encountered a group of stonechats including this one which took off close-by:

The last part of the cliff walk is a truly steep climb at the end of which I was absolutely gasping so a five minute break was called for. This is the view back from the top of the path. The published walk actually takes you round the other way but frankly turning round once or twice is just as good!

Having cut in land, we skirted around the Fowey river and descended down to a crossing at one end. Perched on the quayside was this young Shag, my first chance to photograph one at a sensible distance. He/she seemed blissfully unaware of us so I maanged to get quite close before we headed on.



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