Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Panama trip completed

We did stop at a wetland on the way back to Panama City, to break the 8 hour drive, and added two more life species including the Aplomado Falcon:

However after the delights of Boquete and Volcan it was a rough, unloved bit of land and also searingly hot and humid.

All in all we'd spent nearly four weeks in Panama, including my birthday on the day we travelled out and Helen's birthday in Boquete.  We really liked the country and saw some amazing wildlife and birds, 403 trip species in all of which 125 were new to us, exceeding our expectations.

It was time for one last hurrah though before going home.   We'd managed to book a flight from Panama to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and a birding tour there. So who knows how many species we'd see there.  Time to quickly gen-up on the birds of the Dominican Republic then.


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