Sunday, March 19, 2017

Panama - last morning in El Valle

A misty start greeted our last morning in El Valle, but it soon burned off:

We headed out on an increasingly beautiful morning to explore the trail up by the chicken farms, which proved a fascinating spot to explore.  The trail isn't marked at all and it no longer goes as far as the book described but we did see some cracking species including Hepatic Tanager:

Yellow-rumped Tanager, this a female:

We also saw an out-of-place White-throated Thrush eating berries deep in the trees alongside the trail.

From here we headed on to the trail on Cerro Gaital.  Now I think this next bird is a Townsend's Warbler.  I tried to report it to the author of the field guide and to Panama Audubon Society but haven't been able to solicit a reply.  If it is a Townsend's i think it's the first for the area and the third or fourth record for the country.

The views at the top of the caldera are spectacular and worth the hike, you see pretty much the entire valley/caldera from the surrounding peaks:

On the way down it was already butterfly o'clock and interesting to see so many species on this one cluster of flowers:

Lots of different forms and colours abound:

We really enjoyed our morning and it proved a good way to finish our experiences of El Valle and time then to head on to our next stop as we headed East away from Panama City.


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