Thursday, March 16, 2017

Panama - Birding in Darien day 3

Our last full day in Darien started with a morning drive to Yaviza and birding along the road again, looking for different species. We had a very good morning seeing lots of forest species including the Western Slaty-Antshrike:

A Great Antshrike:

and a bird we'd only seen fleeting before, the Greater Ani:

This is an Indigo Bunting moulting into breeding plumage, a very scruffy looking mid-phase:

As well as the huge variety of bird species, we saw many species of butterfly although as usual i have no idea what they may be:

Our last stop in Darien before we turned back, towards Panama City, was in Yaviza itself, I snapped Helen by the sign that marks the end of pan-American Highway, at least the Northern Section anyway:

We headed to a new stop in the afternoon at Metete, the highlight for us was seeing a Spot-breasted Woodpecker:

We really hadn't expected to see one of these and were chuffed to watch it for a good five minutes or so, pecking away and drumming.

From Metete it was back to the hotel for another snack food dinner, sleep ahead of an early start and the drive back to the Summit Hotel.


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