Saturday, July 05, 2014

USA 2014 - Pearrygin State Park

We'd worked out by this stage that not everyone wanted to keep the same schedule as us (up and out), so we started the day with just the two of us, visiting Pearrygin State Park.

It was a cool crisp Spring morning at this park close to Winthrop and we arrived while the campers and RV owners were pretty much all still asleep.

The birds however were already busy.  An Eastern Kingbird has what looks like nesting material in its bill:

The white tail tip and size makes then quite easy to pick out:

A female Bullock's Oriole in very sympathetic morning light:

Cedar Waxwings foraged in the trees, another splendid looking bird:

And a small group of Hoary Marmots were browsing under some heavy shrubbery:

As the sun rose and we walked around the lakeside, a Tree Swallow preened on a fence:

This is the view across the lake:

More birds at the park included the Warbling Vireo:

And a male Yellow Warbler:

We headed back to the hotel to meet-up for breakfast where we'd dined the previous evening before heading out.


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