Wednesday, June 25, 2014

USA 2014 - Colorado River Scenic Byway

Sunday was a day of two halves, both of them thoroughly enjoyable.  We started off very early (before daybreak) and drove from Springville to the start of the Colorado River Scenic Byway.

The scenery was even more spectacular than we'd experienced thus far, we think the cloud added drama to the landscape and rock formations:

We stopped at one of the hiking trails, spotting various montaine desert birds and beasties, and further spectacular scenery:

Though the trail proved too steep and winding for my vertigo, so instead we turned back, hopped back in the car and continued our drive.  We weren't disappointed:

At various points the road drives alongside the Colorado river, which at this time was very swollen and fast-running, the brown water churned with trees, detritus and mud.  Alongside the river on the sparse banks we saw Blue Grosbeaks, House Finches and a Yellow-breasted Chat:

We completed the byway and turned to our next destination, Moab, arriving at lunchtime and heading straight for Love Muffin.  It was too crowded for a photograph under the sign, hey ho.  The grub was great however and we were lucky.  The food is made from scratch so they run out two couples after we joined the line and then started turning customers away.  

After lunch we checked in at our motel, now in touristville proper and paying prices accordingly, before heading out into the afternoon sun and heat...


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