Monday, March 17, 2014

Antarctica - Neko Harbour

We arrived at Neko harbour which is the site of an active glacier, which regularly calves.  You can tell how high the water goes when it is displaced by the line at which the Gentoo Penguins feel it safe to nest.

The chicks in this colony were reasonably well advanced:

This one was flaked out keeping cool:

This adult breeder has a well developed chick and an egg which it is still protecting though nothing will come of it:

The harbour area itself is somewhat sheltered but with a lot of sea ice:

High up on a rock face a snow fall:

We were supposed to anchor for the night and a group of brave/(fool)hardy campers were going to spend the night camped on the snow, however the volume of sea ice and its mobility meant we had to sail on, headed instead for Paradise Bay.

On the way we got very close to a Weddell Seal on an iceberg:

The snow line on it's face makes it look crumpled:


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