Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Antarctica - Arctowski Research Station

Our next stop was made at Arctowski, the Polish research station in Antarctica.  As you can see it is a very primitive affair, a number of huts for the accommodation, work, etc.

Set on a fairly desolate shoreline in the South Shetlands.  We went ashore as usual, with some people heading in to the station proper for coffee and biscuits (in addition as at every stop, the boat drops off fresh fruit and vegetables to keep some form of supply going).  I opted to stay along the shoreline, watching the wildlife.

More Adelie Penguins:

This one is shaking it;s head to get rid of a very saline solution, which is how the birds can cope with such a salty environment and indeed food source:

There were also Chinstrap Penguins:

and Gentoo Penguins:

As well as some remains, this being a single whale vertebra:

Out in the waters, a Humpback Whale was feeding, here you can see its fluke as it dives for food:

The bay itself is stark but beautiful:

We headed on from Arctowski and toward Antarctica proper.


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